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Hello friends! My name is Mikhail Gomzyakov. I make jewelry with natural stones. My work is something more precious than just jewelry.

My journey began in 1993. Having met a master jeweler in Italy, I became interested in the process of creating jewelry. The first jewel I made was large amber beads – "Baroque", an order from an Italian owner of a jewelry store. It was the windows of small jewelry shops in Milan that struck me with the abundance and richness of the choice of multicolored semi-precious and precious stones.

In the early 2000s, I returned to my homeland in the Trans-Urals and here I fully mastered the skill of working with precious metals and began working with a wider range of minerals! Some minerals were not immediately amenable to processing, but my interest in this work had not waned! I began to feel the stones and learned to find an approach to any mineral.

In 2009, I visited the International Mineralogical Exhibition in Munich for the first time. And the whole world of stones stood before me. I had the feeling that I was in a incredibly fantastic fairy-tale! It was a break from reality! The abundance of stones was mesmerizing. The end of the exhibition made me come back to reality! And I realized that this reality looks more like thoughts than stones! Through my jewelry, I want to express my feelings of this fabulous, incredibly fantastic world!

During my work from 1994 to 2010 I gained a lot of experience, mastered the skills, and studied the features of many minerals that turn from rough and unprocessed minerals into amazing jewelry! Each piece (stone and collet) is handmade!

You could have seen my pieces in many cities of Russia, from St. Petersburg to Vladivostok, as I have been working with jewelry stores and entrepreneurs participating in jewelry exhibitions for more than 15 years.

Dear friends! I am glad that the time has come for us to get to know each other!!! Now we are closer, now we are at arm's length! And together we can make this world fabulous, fantastic, fascinating and more perfect!!!

Make your choice! I will be happy to immerse you with me in this incredibly amazing world of stones. I wish you to be unique and inimitable! And finally, I would like to wish you to do what you love and if you encounter difficulties on your path, remember one famous phrase from this one song "Do not cave in to the changing world - let it cave in to us, one day it will cave in to us!"
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